What is SMARTeZ®

SMARTeZ® elastomeric infusion pumps are designed to give clinicians and nurses the option of delivering pre-determined amounts of medication to the patient in a continuous and accurate manner either at the hospital or at home.
SMARTeZ® is independent of main power supplies or batteries, enabling the patient to be treated in an ambulatory manner. Medication is delivered to the patient by positive pressure applied by the elastomeric membrane. The flow rate is determined by the combination of the flow regulation device (flow restrictor) and the positive pressure of the elastomeric membrane. This pressure delivers the solution against the back-pressure of catheters and blood pressure in the veins.Back-pressure aspects the flow rate.

Drug Stability (Non US)

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Elastomeric pump devices are intended to infuse medication for either continuous intravenous, subcutaneous or epidural infusion (according to pump model). Chemotherapy, antibiotics, anesthesia and pain management are the most common therapies where elastomeric pumps can be used, either in adult or pediatric patients.
For detailed information about the range of drugs typically administered via elastomeric pumps please refer to Drug Stability List.

Cancer therapy infusion pump
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